Ui.vision cant find pop-up pages after the last update

Hello, the problem started occurring after the last update 9.2.6, it never had a problem with the macro for a very long time.

  • [error]

Line 34: E530: No browser open. Please close the IDE and then start the browser.

it correctly selects the window, but can’t interact with it
**Tested in brave and chrome

I have the same problem. I’m totally hosed.

I tried to use Firefox and Edge - same problem.

I’m using chrome too.

Thought I would add this too.

I am having this issue as well as several other errors that I have never gotten on longstanding macros

The same problem appears at 2024-06-21 with no change in script and web page.

Ouch, it seems this is a side effect of a recent change that escaped our testing. We will debug this ASAP.

:point_right: Can anyone please post a test macro for us here? If we have a macro that shows the issue, it will be much faster to debug & fix it.

As a temporary workaround, you can go back to earlier RPA versions:

You can’t use mine, unless you have a Charles Schwab account. If you do, then I’d be happy to send the macro.


Hi, we made a change that should fix the issue. As we have no test macro, we can not test it ourself.
→ Please upgrade to V9.2.7 and let us know if this solves this regression bug. Thanks :blush:

V9.2.7 for Firefox is available already. RPA for Chrome/Edge V9.2.7 will be available in a few days, after they passed the Chrome and Edge store review process.

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Hi there! Thanks a lot!
I checked it in FireFox . It’s works.
I waiting with passion update for Chrome because in FireFox some executeScript_Sandbox steps doesn’t work :frowning:, but it is another issue.

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I guess this is the Regular expressions are not allowed in Firefox executeScript_Sandbox issue. It triggers the error code E501.

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Thanks for the feedback. The Chrome update is available now, too :slight_smile:


I checked in Chrome. It’s works.
I very happy about it. :man_dancing:

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That fixed it for me (I’m using chrome). Thank you so much.

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