UI Vision and browser open locations

On my desktop I run my UI.Vision beside my browser so I can see that Kantu and the browser are in sync.

Whether Chrome or Firefox (I am trying to use both), the browser itself opens where it was last closed. However, UI.Vision does NOT open in the same location it was at when it closed. It always opens ON TOP of the browser.

This creates an execution problem, especially when I’m trying to use the “X” commands to invoke processes that act on the browser.

UI has the ability to close and reopen itself and the browser, but when that happens, it can open in a different place than it closed, depending on if UI and the browser both closed, or just one. Either way it does not reestablish the same positions it was at before it closed in Chrome OR Firefox.

Can UI be changed so that it opens at the same location it was last at, rather than (on top of) the location of the browser.

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Is this for web browser automation or desktop UI automation?

This problem occurs in web browser automation. Recreate it like this: Open the Chrome browser. Start UI.vision from it’s icon. Note it opens on top of Chrome. Move it to beside Chrome (resize both windows if necessary). Now close UI.vision again. Reopen it from the icon. It opens on top of Chrome again, not where it was when last closed. Place them side by side again and then close UI first and then Chrome. Set up a task in Task Manager to start UI.vision and run a macro to open Chrome at a web site like the UI.Vision home page. Once again UI opens on top of the browser. Place them side by side again but this time close Chrome before you close UI. Task Manager opens them on top of each other again, always at the location of whichever closed last. Can they both open where last closed?! Here they are side by side

and here it is when it opens