UI RPA gives invalid tab # error

I am launching Edge version 101.0.1210.53 via a batch file on the task scheduler on windows 10 to launch UI RPA 7.0.11 browser extension.

Macro opens website
Pause 20 seconds
enter value 1
Enter value 2
Click submit
Pause 20 seconds
Click link 1

UI RPA just enters 2 values into a login box then clicks a link.

If an instance of Edge is open the RAP fails with the error “Invalid tab ID: 20 (number always changes).

I have seen a few work arounds and advice on this, but they do not work for me. Putting sleep into cli script after before launching macro for example.
The only way I can ensure UI RPA runs without the error is:

  1. close the browser
  2. open browser
  3. click on UI RPA extension to open it
  4. close the browser but leave RPA UI window open
  5. cli script and macro run without issue.

This is annoying though. I hope that the above description of the fix will give one of you lovely people a hint as to how I might fix this issue.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day.


Hi, one question: Does your macro start with an OPEN command?

Hi :slight_smile:
Yes, It does start with the OPEN command