Typing section in instagram automation

This step should allow me to type the message for instagram automation but seems like it doesn’t recognize the target command i’ve set up. I try to screenshot the place where we type messages but instead it shows a red screenshot as if it captures my wallpaper instead of the actual message section like it doesn’t recognize that there s an opened instagram page.

Is that on Windows, Mac or Linux?

I agree with you, probably something goes wrong during screenshot capture (wrong area). You can also use another screenshot tool and then load the image into uivision.

It’s a mac. I tried copying the the full x ray path but it didn’t work for the Xclick command . Do you know what tool I can use to screenshot the desired section. Because when i press on the select button and screenshot a specific area on instagram it captures my wallpaper it’s like it doesn’t recognize the page. I also clicked on the find button it shows my wallpaper instead of the instagram page even though i was on instagram.

I screenrecorded the process to show you the issue. Hopefully there s a solution video link