Typing in an input box without an id

i am new to Kantu… i woulld like to use the Type command for an input box, which doesn’t have a seperate id but is contained in a section of a larger container. What should be the format of the target ?
the link is https://www.isvarant.com/piyasa-analiz/varant-analiz
and i want to type (and then record the result etc) to the second input box. which is after a slider with label “Dayanak Varlık Fiyatı” and has value The id of the parent container is “sliders”
Thanks in advance…

First of all, welcome. Hihi. You must learn stuff, the bad news. It’s not so hard, the good news. Time is an issue for all. And that being said…

Here you have all the commands.
I personally don’t quite understand what you want to do. Lost it.
Maybe if you post some screen shots with red instructions like the below picture…

Here is the documentation.
Have you tried to record a macro, as long as your knowledge can ?
I recommend to try yourself and than ask for help, with a certain specific problem.

#slider ID I see that has all 3 sliders.


Demo how to Record.

  "Command": "type",
  "Target": "//input[@type=\"tel\"]",
  "Value": "whatev"

Thanks a lot commensal!

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