Type doesn't work on one input field but ok on others

I have this weird problem. there are 3 input fields, 2 work but one doesn’t. type will show the text on the input field overlayed on default text under. only physically entering text works.

any idea?

it has been almost 20 years since I last written any codes.

I suspect there’s js detecting some focusing over that input field.

Can you share a link to the website?

it’s a password protected site. unable to provide the link. possible to paste the html here?

possible to disable the js that prevents form submission? it seems to check whether the field has any input n prompt an error. can I force it to submit the form n hard code the form submission fields?

You can try using XClick and XType - this should work.

how to target the input field? I need to send an enter to that input to simulate physical input field enter press

xclick n xtype DoubleClick solved my problem. thank you

I switched to another laptop, xtype n xclick suddenly don’t work. I can’t seem to use the select to choose the locator. weird. the same code would run on 1 laptop but not another.

another scenario was it didn’t run on chrome but ok on Firefox, but there next day it stopped suddenly. maybe it’s due to me using Firefox to test n write? before that I was using chrome.