Tweaks to prevent Kantu slowing down?

Are there any tweaks I can make to prevent Kantu slowing down when using csvRead and csvSave on a large-ish csv file.

I have 150,000 unique URLS to process.

I am happy to break them down into smaller batches, I just wondered if there was any tips to stop the looping from slowing.


How slow does it get?

I recommend (as you suggested) to either break them down into smaller batches, OR use the UI.Vision command line API, and move the CSV reading to e. g. a Powershell or Python script. To send values from the script to the macro use the “cmd_var1” switch:

cmd_var1=hello%21world, cmd_var2, cmd_var3 - Send values to a Kantu macro from the command line. Inside the macro you can access the value with the internal variables.