Trying to extract mouse over info but failed

using 7.0.14 free chrome extension working on Brave browser 1.40.109.

I am trying to extract some info, ( text and number) from youtube, the info appears when a search done on youtube and a chrome extension vidiq is used,

some of data shown when mouse is over, so I could not record properly to get proper id,

Hopefully someone can help me out, to get all the info I want.
there are 3 sets of divs that info are inside of them, the below code is one of them,
and the div class are same.

here is the div code:

<div class="vidiq-search-top-keyword-right">
<div class="vidiq-search-top-keyword-score" data-tip-message="Overall: <span class='score'>66.8</span>
<br>vidIQ Keyword Volume: 38.9
<br>vidIQ Competition Score: 5.4" data-fixed="true" data-follow="false" style="background: rgb(195, 235, 35);">67</div></div>

the only info I get is 66.8
I also want to get
vidIQ Keyword Volume: 38.9
vidIQ Competition Score: 5.4

I used this code and I get the info of: 66.8

      "Command": "storeText",
      "Target": "xpath=//*[@id=\"secondary\"]/div/div/div/div[4]/div[3]/div/div[2]/div",
      "Value": "!csvLine",
      "Description": ""

I appreciate any help ,