Try to extract some usage data from my sim-provider

Dear People,

because my new sim-provider is NOT capable of showing me my already consumed telephone units, i try to collect all information from the website and to extract just the units i used.

I´m using Kantu for the first time incl. the command “selectframe” but after a lot of tries on my own and looking for some similar cases in the forums, i´m feeling kind of lost here.

It is possible for me to sign into my user-account and to “click” the link that´s shows an overview about all the sms i send and the people i called. Now my goal is to collect this data and maybe to count how many units were used.

My question is, is the “selectframe” command the right one to accomplish my need? Or secondly, when i select the frame and it seems to be reacting fine, there is no value stored automatically. Should it be that way or have i do something in the value menu?

If you need any information, i´m eager to share it with you guys out there.

A link to the website would help. To get started, see this list of web scraping commands

Hi Timo,

thank you for sharing your time to help me progress. This part of the website i try to scrape is behind a login page, so it`s not possible to share.

What i can share is the html code from that part, where the data is stored and a screenshot. You can access it here, if you need it in a different way, please let me know:

I tried it again with the “storeText” command, i can select the area where the interesting data is stored. I think my problem is to understand, which step after this selection is needed to receive the text. My source view looks like this:

Hi guys,

is anyone willing to help me with my problem?