'Trusted Type' assignment error with Google Form

I’ve been running my code for months without errors and this morning the javascript will no longer run on the Google Form page. This is the error…

Error in executeScript code: Refused to evaluate a string as JavaScript because this document requires ‘Trusted Type’ assignment.

It happened after 90 minutes, but now happens as soon as the code runs on the page. I suspect something has changed in the Google Form permissions.

I’ve rebooted and clear the cache.

It’s happening on two computers. I’m also wondering if it’s Google Forms or it’s maybe my router is somehow blocking the javascript. I have restarted the router.

Any suggestions are greatly welcome.

I’m changing my code over to executeScript_sandbox. So far this looks like a fix for Google Forms. However I’m having difficulty getting the ES5 version of javascript to work. I’ll post in another discussion.

This error is now happening for another website.

Is this only happening to me?