Trouble when doing automation with chrome-extension://

Hi everyone, I’m trying to do some automation with a Chrome extension.
I know I can’t do it with web automation, I have to do it in desktop automation. But this is my problem.

While I could use XClick to click on the avatar image to show up the dropdown, I couldn’t do that to the Create Account section. When I click Fint, UI Vision couldn’t find the image.

What should I do?

You must use image recognition and Xclic

I did use those, and I can’t find the image, as I stated above.
Could you guess what is the problem? Thank you?

a bad choice of image, maybe, would need to see the image you are using to find it, or try lowering the accuracy adding @0.x at the end of the image name
XClick | image_dpi_96.png@0.5 |
This would try to find the image image_dpi_96.png with an accuracy of 0.5, by default i guess that’s .8, but I might be wrong

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Before you can create a good desktop automation you must try more and more times, sometimes I created multiple times the image, after ui vision detect it need a good quality of image and a good dimension.
Alternative solution is using shortcut (when available).

Just to add another hint:

  • Have a look at the _last_desktop_screenshot.png image in the screenshot tab. This is what UIVision sees. Is the icon there visible?

  • For a more stable recognition using XClickRelative is often useful when the area to find is small.