Tricky site to automate

Hi there!

I’m trying to automate a site, basically

  • press button 1-15, waiting for a download to start in between
  • press next button
  • wait for page to load
  • repeat

Now a few snags…

  • The page loads only the base page normally, the rest it seems to pull in using Javascript, so waitForPageToLoad doesn’t do the trick, so instead I use waitForVisible, and that seems to be working somewhat, but since there’s 15 identical images that should load, it has some margin of error.
  • It doesn’t wait at all for the download to start with click or clickAndWait, so using a pause of 5000 in between, but due to wildly inconsistent loading times it sometimes jumps on before the download is done.

Anyone know how I could go on from here?

Link would cost a thousand words. And a huge step to the right answer. Hmm…

Well, sure…
The page is geo restricted to Japan though, so didn’t think it were worth including… here’s the link: :slight_smile:

Something else is missing…

Well, yes, they’re quite agressive about geo-blocking, also blocking a lot of VPNs… should work though… most of the time :stuck_out_tongue:

OK it’s loaded.

  1. I would count the loaded images number with sourceSearch and 14 would count as successful page loading. If you grab the big pictures then class=“uc_img” should do the trick. I see 14 big images on every page.