Timeouts reset 1 second before expiring

Has anyone experienced their timeouts resetting their clock 1 second before expiration? I am having an issue where say I have waitForElementVisible waiting for an element and the !TIMEOUT_WAIT is set to 20 seconds. When it gets to 19 seconds, about half the time it resets that counter to back to 0 instead of reaching 20 seconds. It only seems to do this once. I could half the timeout_wait, but it does not happen every time. I am running 6.2.6, which is what is on the Firefox gallery as the most recent version.


Hi, do you see the same issue in the Chrome version?

I don’t know. The script is written for Firefox since UIVision and Chrome have issues with the websites I am interacting with.

Ok. Can you record a video of the issue? Maybe we can see something from it.