Time taken to run with loop vs. no loop

I have been using a UI Vision macro to download a list of reports. I thought to try reading in a CSV file and loop through the report numbers instead of having a very long macro file and it worked using the forEach command and using the same commands as my original macro except now using a variable. I was disappointed though that my original macro that downloaded 31 reports took 96 seconds while the loop version took 154 - almost a minute longer. The loop contains the same steps as the straight macro and I put this in both scripts:

      "Command": "store",
      "Target": "fast",
      "Value": "!replayspeed"

Is there any way to get the loop version to have the same performance as the original script?
May or may not be relevant: I am using v6.3.3.

Do you have a test macro?

Also try this: store | nodisplay | !replayspeed

See here: Increase RPA speed