The Xmodule is not installed after I did something to its folder

I didn’t remember what I did to the folder. And I see this " Do not move the XModules folder after the installation" from So I guess maybe I did move or remove the folder. The problem has been a while now. Even reinstall the extension cannot work. The newest Xmodule installation is not working either. Doesn’t anyone know how to solve this? Thanks~

Is this a duplicate of How to solve "'Lockdown' malicious behavior prevented in kantu-file-access-host.exe"? or is this a separate issue?

After reading How to solve "'Lockdown' malicious behavior prevented in kantu-file-access-host.exe"? I guess the issue started once you used XRUN and Sophos kicked in, or?

Hi. I don’t think so. I’ve tested three machine. The other two can use xmodule normally while cannot use Xrun. The only machine that cannot use xmodule is the one i think I’ve move or remove the xmodule folder. And since it cannot use xmodule, i haven’t test Xrun in it yet.

What version of Windows is this? And is it the same version on all 3 machines?

Mine is windows10 Version 1909 (OS build 18363.1139). The other two that XModule are working are 1809 and 16XX. My XModule was working a long time before. And for some reason, suddenly it cannot work anymore. So I’m not really sure if it is the problem of the version. If it’s, what can I do? I cannot downgrade my office computer’s windows version. Is there’s any helpful solution that I can use? Or maybe I’ll just wait for next windows update? Thanks, haha.

Is it the same on all 3 machines?

This version is fine. The RPA software supports it, and of course all newer Windows 10 versions as well. For example, my PC has currently version Win 10 Pro 2004 and all works fine.

Nah, the other two machine is 1809 and 16XX. Not really sure it’s the problem of the system. Maybe the installation of the Xmodule has some errors?