The "Select" / "Find" target is not working


I’m doing some verifyText command and which to select a field in the table to verify the status is changed after certain action has been done by the macro. However, when i click on the “Select” , and hover my mouse over, the selection box marked with “UI” does not appear on that page, but if I open just other page (ex: UI Vision docs page), the UI selection box appear. the windows that I wish to work on is a popup window on top of the web application page.

Anyone please help?


Hi, can you please provide a screen video to clarify the issue?

While doing the “Select” for verifyText command,

  1. for each of the menu selection, the UI selection box can be precisely selecting each elements
  2. while I’m having a popup screen , the UI selection box seems treating the popup screen as a whole elements instead of going to select each fields as a elements in the popup screen

This might be causing the issue. Alternatively, you can use visualVerify to verify the text with a small screenshot (similar to Applitools Visual AI).