The OCR API cannot detect the second page for tiff file

My tiff file has two pages, like pdf file. But the API only return the first page text, no the second page. text.

I confirmed this issue. Currently the OCR engine uses only the first page of a TIFF.

Solution: If you have a OCR PRO PDF plan, please contact us directly and mention this forum post. We can then add a fix for the correct TIFF conversion to your account.

If you are using the free plan, the best workaround for now is to convert your TIFF to JPG files, and send them over for conversion. You can use - for example - the ImageMagick command line tool for this. After you installed it, use this command line:

convert fax.tif test.jpg

Reslut: This creates the images test-0.jpg, test-1.jpg, test-2.jpg… one image for each page in your TIFF. And then you send these JPG files to the OCR API.

Thank you. I will try it.