The log file does not represent the same information in the logs tab inside UI Vision

After running two macros under one test suite, the log tab shows what I’m expecting, but the log file itself is not reflecting the same results.

I was hoping I can add screenshots, but since I’m not sure how, I’ll try to copy and paste what I see in both sections.

This is what I see in the UI Vision log tab:
[report] Test Suite name: TwoMacroTest Start Time: Tue Mar 07 2023 14:35:29 GMT-0600 (북미 중부 표준시) Overall status: OK, Runtime: 24.52s Macro run: 2 Success: 2 Failure: 0 Macro executed:

Macro3-2 (OK, Runtime: 23.17s)

RunChrome (OK, Runtime: 0.96s)

(I’m working on a Korean OS so ignore the Korean characters.)

On the other hand, when I open the log file that’s created in:
The report section shows up as:

2023-03-07T20:35:54.359Z - [report] function render(_ref63) {
var renderText = _ref63.renderText;

    return [_react2.default.createElement(
    )].concat((0, _toConsumableArray3.default)( (r, i) {
      return _react2.default.createElement(
        '\xA0 (',
        r.stopReason === _player.Player.C.END_REASON.ERROR ? ': ' : '',
        r.stopReason === _player.Player.C.END_REASON.ERROR ? renderText({ type: 'error', text: r.errMsg, stack: r.stack }) : null,
        ', Runtime: ',

I am not sure how I can change this, but I really hope there is a way to get the same results shown inside UI Vision.
Any help is welcomed, thank you in advance for your time and consideration!

Thanks, we confirmed this issue. It is a bug and we will fix it soon.


Can you let me know the version that contains this fix when it’s fixed?

Thank you!

Yes, we will update this forum post (related post)

This issue is fixed in V8.3.1, thanks again for reporting it!

Just tested it and wanted to let you know that it works as expected now!
Thank you for the prompt fix!