The Engine 1 server goes down with Engine 2 Server

Isn’t the Engine 1 Servers different than the Engine 2 Servers. So why does both the Servers go down at the same time?

Both engines share the same OCR API endpoint. So if there is a an issue such as heavy usage, it can be that both engines are affected by this.

Our PRO and PRO PDF ocr api is faster and comes with globally distributed endpoints (2 US, 1 EU, 1 Asia), so that you always have more than one endpoint you can use (fail over).

The free OCR API has only one endpoint.

Actually, this might sound weird but it shouldn’t be like this as some people who use Engine 1 all the time affects the usage of the users using Engine 2 who use it once in a while. The endpoint for both the engines should be seperate.

This is not a problem on the PRO endpoints.

For the free OCR API, we are running the servers at a high CPU usage, so that we need less servers. This is to keep the cost down for our free plan.

So yes, having two endpoints would indeed be better, but that also increases our costs. But having said that, we are thinking about this! We have plans to make this available with one of the next server updates.

Okay, I see. By the way, as you mentioned “We have plans to make this available with one of the next server updates”, how may I see or follow the server updates?

Thanks for asking :slight_smile: