the command "selectWindow" open several tabs

Hello, I use the kantu extension for firefox / chrome and when I use the command “selectWindow”, to open several tabs on facebook pages, the first tab opens correctly and then randomly several tabs of the same page s 'open. This can go, after 10 pages, to 5 tabs for the same page.
Thank you for your support.

I confirmed this issue, we will be working on it.


Witnessed yesterday, too.

I closed and opened the browser and restarted Kantu to resolve the issue (so far).

@admin @TechSupport

This bug is present in ui vision 5.3.7 with firefox 68.3.0esr (64 bit) too need a solution.

@newuserkantu This is an old issue and should be fixed a long time ago. For example, the “DemoTabs” macro works ok in my test. => Do you have test macro for us?

This bug it’s random, sometimes appears.

Now i use ui vision 5.3.7 on firefox 68.3.0esr (64 bit) and sometime this bug appears.

I think this is a conflict with firefox because in some version of firefox in random this bug appears.

Today i used this simple macro

  "Command": "selectWindow",
  "Target": "tab=open",
  "Value": ""

And opened 4 tabs with the same url, i delete cokie and cache, restarted firefox, run the same macro and opened 1 tab only.

Here the video, this bug in present in all ui vision version and all firefox version

This is the second greatest bug which makes kantu unusable. First one is Error #101: Kantu is not connected to a browser tab (
I believe you should stop adding new features until these two bugs are no more…

If you can post some screencast because the admin is trying to solve this problem and he needs to understand the cause, If you can add macro code or video to better explain the problem.

@jathri We need a test case that we can run , than we can recreate and fix this error. You (or anyone else with this issue!) can also email me at team AT and mention this forum post. Then we can give you remote access to one of our test systems (Windows, Mac or Ubuntu) and you can log in and try to recreate the error there.

For example, as I mentioned above, the “DemoTabs” macro works ok in my test. Does it work on your system?

Hello admin I suspect that with macro demo scans there are no bugs but when you create a new macro the bugs occur.

I have done many tests for this bug with dozens of versions of firefox and only with the latest versions randomly occurs this bug. it’s easy to check, create a batch file, start hundreds of times firefox that opens some tabs, take a screenshot and then close firefox and reopen it and you’ll notice the problem that occurs randomly.

I tested only firefox, only with firefox ESR 60 I did not notice this problem. currently I installed only Firefox ESR 60 as soon as I install the other versions I do new tests and publish videos with bugs. I never report bugs that don’t exist, and only recently I have a program to make videos so I can show you the problems.

Some bugs do not understand well why they occur so I also try to understand what they are born from.