Text of multiple lines cannot be saved?

Hello, here is my second question for today. I want to grab the multiple lines of text from page and save it into an csv file. However, the value I got seems to be empty. I’m pretty sure the xpath is correct because I just copied it from the inspector.

The texts highlighted in blue is what I want to grab.
Here is the xpath I copied from the inspector:

As you can see, the value between the name and location is empty.
Can anyone help?

It is difficult to help without a URL. But this page lists several web scraping methods: https://ui.vision/kantu/docs/selenium-ide/web-scraping

Thanks for that. I think storeText is the right command for me but I still can’t manage to get all the text I want with it. Here’s the URL and I’d appreciate it if you can have a look at it for me: https://www.naati.com.au/MyNaati/OnlineDirectory/NewSearch .

Choose Chinese into English at the language selection

On the new page, click one of the results and a pop-up window will appear

I’d like to get all the texts highlighted in blue but can only get the first line using the xpath //*[@id=“contactDetailsModal”]/div/div/div[2]/div[2]/div . It works fine in another xpath based extension.

I’d also like to get the language other than English that the translator works with and I use the xpath substring-before(substring-after((.//li[contains(., ‘into English’)])[1], ‘(’), ’ into’) . That doesn’t work as well while it works in the other xpath based extension.

Can you help? Thanks.

That doesn’t work as well while it works in the other xpath based extension.

Which one? It is ok to mention other software here in this forum :wink:

About the problem: Please do a quick test with the latest beta. It contains a storeText related fix, maybe that solves the issue.

Hi Ulrich,
Thanks for the reply. I installed the beta version and it actually helped. Now I can get all the texts from a particular xpath. However, the beta version still can’t seem to recognise substring-before(substring-after((.//li[contains(., ‘into English’)])[1], ‘(’), ’ into’) . The other extension I mentioned is Data Miner and it has no problem locating that element for me. I also tested the xpath with Xpath Helper and it works too. Do you know what I should do to make it work? Or is it a bug that needs to be fixed too?

Great to hear that the storeText issue is fixed.

the beta version still can’t seem to recognize substring-before(substring-after((.//li[contains(., ‘into English’)])[1], ‘(’), ’ into’) .

Can you please post the exact syntax that you are using? Then I can test it here.

Maybe also a screenshot of how it works/looks in XPath Helper, then I see what result you expect.

The syntax is:
storeText | xpath=substring-before(substring-after((.//li[contains(., ‘into English’)])[1], ‘(’), ’ into’) | data
store | ${data} | !csvline

Here is the screenshot of XPath Helper: