Text missing when macro run in loop. Help

The macro runs perfectly fine when run once. but when run in loop from the second time onwards the xtype misses all the ‘e’ in all xtype commands. i tried giving long pauses before after command but its still the same. I’ve attached screenshots of the same here.


I’ve narrowed down the problem. Its the arrow keys that is causing the bug. whenever i use a arrow key xtype losses ‘e’ after that. could anybody reason this?

That sounds mysterious :wink:

Do you have a test macro that we can run?

Xtype and Xclick are very sensitive commands and can easily report errors in fact they should almost never be used because they are subject to numerous types of errors especially if you use KEY_TAB and KEY_ENTER.
You should create your macro using standard selenium commands (click, type, etc…) with good stable xpaths.
Try to putting 1-2 second pauses in each Xtype and XClick command and slow down the macro speed