Testsuite how to wait until first macro is complete

when I run all macros in a folder with testsuite it runs the macros consecutively but does not wait for the running macro to complete. any ideas on how to do this?

The RPA software waits for each macro to be finished, and only then runs the next one. If that does not work in your case, you can post a video of the situation. then I hopefully see what goes wrong.

Thank you for the response…

Technically the macro is complete as it does a clickandwait, but the process the last item launches can take up to 8 hours to complete.

What would be the best way to deal with this situation?

Clickandwait command doesn’t work well and should never be used, otherwise you have to use an if condition to check when to go on. the Clickandwait command often doesn’t detect the page loading and generally doesn’t work well, better to avoid it and use if or other commands to determine an event

I agree with @newuserkantu - ClickAndWait waits for a “web page loaded” event before it continues. That works well with basic websites like e. g. wikipedia, but complex websites e. g. Facebook have tons of iframes/Javascript/whatever that fires such events even when the page is not loaded completed.

I often use a visual check in such cases. That makes the waiting is rock solid. For example how this code to wait for a certain product image to show up:

  • store | 2880000 | !timeout_wait (2880000 = 8hours * 60 minutes * 60s * 100 milliseconds)
  • visualAssert | productimage.png - wait up to 8h for the image to show up

excellent… thank you for the suggestion…

do you have a suggestion to check every once in a while to see if the image is available instead of waiting the 8hours? I have multiple iterations of these processes that vary in duration…

Good news: The solution above does exactly that :slight_smile:

visualAssert checks for the image roughly every second or so. And if the image appears, the command continues.

So the command waits until !timeout_wait limit is reached (and then triggers an error message) OR until the image appears (and then continues with the next command in the macro).

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back again.

so I must be doing something wrong as it is not working… the macro keeps going…

this is what I have configured:

“Command”: “store”,
“Target”: “1440000”,
“Value”: “!TIMEOUT_WAIT”,
“Description”: “”
“Command”: “visualAssert”,
“Target”: “regina_dpi_144.png”,
“Value”: “”,
“Description”: “”

the automation appears to be ‘waiting’ for the image for a few seconds… and then completes the macro and moves onto the next…

any ideas?

There are many ways to check the presence of an element but the problem is that 8 hours is too much and ui vision in 8 hours can create many errors.

If you had to check 1-2 minutes it was simple, just an IF with statusok to verify an element and with a GOTOLABEL start the cycle again.

The problem is that 8 hours are too many and errors will most likely occur due to the enormous workload (consider that ui vision working for 8 consecutive hours consumes a lot of resources and ram and crashes are frequent, in fact it is recommended to close ui every 30 minutes vision and reopen it just to avoid errors due to continuous work)

ok… so ui.vision is not a good solution for this purpose is what I am hearing?

Yours is not an automation request it’s a strange job, speed up processes and ensure that you will get the answer after 5 minutes not after 8 hours, a computer system does not make much sense than providing an answer after 8 hours.

Update the management system to get an answer after 5 minutes, today everything is instantaneous on the internet, there is nothing that requires you to wait 8 hours.

I have been using ui vision for 4 years I have made many automations and I have never seen anything that requires 8 hours of waiting for an answer, after a few seconds of waiting you have the answers today in the computer systems.


ya there are processes that take 8 hours. and more…

the program I am working with runs a process that can take up to 8 hours to run… and I have consecutive processes that do this… so in my case, yes… I need a solution that allows this.

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You can improve the whole system, simply when the process is completed send an email and with ui vision check your email box. there are many workarounds.
It seems useless to leave ui vision for 8 hours to check a page while waiting for the result, it seems to me not good work management.
When the event is complete you program the system to send an email and set ui vision to check email every hour so you can close and reopen the browser.
The more time you leave an automation to work, the higher the risk of errors and crashes.
It is in your interest to have good work processes