Test Suite runned via command line sometimes do not start

Hi @admin

I use ui vision from long time, i have create a test suite that run more macro and working.

I check log to prevent errors and i see that sometimes the test suite runned via command line batch file do not start (the test suite is the same always).

Sometimes I found firefox opened, tab with exported html + autorun opened and ui vision window opened in front of browser but first macro do not start and do not show any error in log.

This error appears 1-2 times everyday and seem random because more other times test suite start and work well.

The test suite works perfectly in fact usually starts and works well but sometimes without explanation does not start and do not understand the reason.

Can i accesss to RDP machine and try to reproduce this error ?

I want to run multiple time a test suite via command line (batch file) and check this error.


Yes! Just note that test server IP address have changed. Please email us at team AT a9t9.com for the new login info.

I sent an email, thanks

Replied. I hope you manage to recreate the issue. Once done, just let us know via email. Thanks!

Thanks i accessed to machine via RDP and make some test to reproduce this bug.

Is this the same issue as in Xrun strange situation seem do not work when rpa will be closed after ?

No this is another bug that I try to reproduce in RDP machine