[Test case needed] What cause this error ? [error] t.getClientRects(...)[0] is undefine


Today when i fill a form with a macro show this error

“[error] t.getClientRects(…)[0] is undefined”

What type of error is ?

What cause this error it’s the first time i see this error.

Thanks, have a nice day

It sounds like a bug. Do you have a test case for us?

Probably one of the many errors that I notice using firefox 66, at the moment using firefox ESR 60 I have not noticed this problem anymore.

With firefox 66 i have more errors and many seem random.

We do all our tests with Firefox 66.0.5 (we always use latest version) and did not notice any new errors. (So no errors that happen only in Firefox 66).


I used firefox 66.0.3 portable version and this bug seem random has appeared a few times but not always.

I used these versions

I tried Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition 66.0.3 and updated it to 66.0.4 and I had a lot of problems

Now i use Mozilla Firefox ESR, Portable Edition 60.6.2 and working with few bugs.

In one case after deleting a macro days ago in the following days it showed to me that the deleted macro had an error but the macro had already been deleted and it makes no sense to show a macro error logo that no longer exists.

Is it possible that having uninstalled and re-installed firefox that xmodule that was already installed has created a problem in the temporary paths?

What can be the reason for a macro error that no longer exists, if Kantu has been deleted where it reads that the macro exists? Is it possible that there is a confusion of path having uninstalled and reinstalled firefox?

I would like to give you precise information but some errors I cannot understand from what they depend on because they do not always appear and therefore it is difficult to prove them, by now when an error appears to me I always make the screenshot.

If you can try the portable version of firefox 66.0.3 and later and let me know if it works all right or if it gives you various bugs.

Thanks for support