Task scheduling not working - Run whether user is logged or not

Hello guys.
I’ve a behavior I can’t solve on my own.

My goal : Launching an RPA through Tasch Scheduler, with execution even if the user is not connected

The aim of this RPA :
Connection to a website
Downloading a file

First of all : I’ve already succeeded to do exactly that.

If I launch the job manually with the Option Run only when user is logged on, it works fine.
When I change to Run whether user is logged or not, the file is not downloaded.

Did you already experiment that ?
All ideas are welcome.

Thanks in advance.



Ui.Vision needs an open desktop to work, but there are solutions:

You need to use either autologin or run RPA inside a Linux/Windows virtual machine in the background.

See also Anyway to run macro when remote is not connected? - #3 by Haoyang

Thanks for your answer @Plankton .

I identified a difference between the correct and incorrect RPA.
The main problem is in fact authentication.
The website where I’ve the problem deal with a javascript submit form → javascript.submitForm()

In add, I don’t want to use the autologin method.

I’ve found a work around with Active Directory authentication (+ extra bat, ps and schedule tasks)
but how to deal with javascript in these cases ?