Task scheduler and uivision having a fight

Hi there

task scheduler in windows and uivision dont want to see eye to eye on my side. I have the following issues:

it wont run the macros unless I open uivision manually at least once on that macro,saying it can’t find the macro( error file not found).

is there something obvious I should be looking for?

then even if I do that, it sometimes wor

What are you using to run the macro in Task Scheduler?

I dont understand the question, task scheduler runs the macro, through the uivision html… as a action

Try using task scheduler to run a vbscript, which in turn controls uivision. In my experience, running my automation on AWS, it’s more stable this way.

What I use (for yr reference):
objShell.ShellExecute “D:\FF1\FirefoxPortable.exe”,"-private-window file:///D:/FF1/ui.vision.html?direct=1&macro=Tier1/Test&closeBrowser=1 -no-remote","",“runas”,1

May sound a little clunky at first, but using vbscript this gives you a lot of control, especially if you want to set different conditions on how and when you want your automation to run in the future.

This is the correct answer… have task scheduler start your script in your favorite language (doesn’t have to be VBS) which starts your macro. There are even demo scripts: UI Automation Open-Source Selenium IDE plus additional features, iMacros alternative