Talking bout memory leaks

100 lines macro, in a 32GB computer after 8 hours run.
No program opened, no other webs. Only start computer, start firefox and run macro et voila!


Best solution is run macro and close it periodically with command line.

With Google Chrome is the same, after few hours it consume all ram and crash.

But that is not a solution, we are not talking about some 10000 lines macros running for 4 days non stop, a simple 100 lines macro consumes all ram after 8 hours, something is wrong with ui vision rpa memory management i create macros to let them do the hard work while i do other things if i must keep an eye on a macro to make sure it didnt crash they arent helping me.

No good programmer creates a 10000-line code, a good programmer knows how to create a short code that works well, the longer the code is and the easier problems happen. I specialize in creating short macro codes but very well functioning.

All solution require to close and reopen browser, there is not any other solution to reduce memory usage.

Rewrite you macro with best and short code and you solve your problem.

Periodically browser MUST CLOSED because consume all memory (without ui vision too).