Switch from local to online OCR and back inside a macro?

Hey guys,

is what I write in the title possible to do? I know there is an !OCREngine variable, but as far as I know that can only switch between different online OCR engines, right?

The reason is that I’m using local OCR for speed and no limits, but sometimes (in about 25% of the cases) I’m not getting the correct result back. I’m mainly reading numbers. And for example when the OCR engine reads “18.00” what I’m often getting is 1800 or 18m or some other variation of that. So in such case I’d like to make a corrective read with the online engine. So switch to online, do the recognition and then switch back to offline.

So after some more reading of the documentation the local OCR number is 99.

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Yes, using “99” for the !OCREngine value will switch to local OCR (if installed).

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