Switch between tabs in different browser windows

Hello, i would like to know if there’s a method to switch between tabs allocated in differents windows of chrome. My need is to select the tab 0 in the first window, open a site, select the other tab in the 2° window and open the same site. At this point, i need to return on tab 0 in 1° windows and reload the site, then move again to the tab in the 2° window and reload the same site.
Is there a way to resolve it? unfortunally using the title as a target doesn’t work cause the title becomes the same and i can’t switch anymore ( i need to change only the pages of the same site)

Hi, can you use tab numbers?

e. g.

selectWindow | tab=2

Unfortunally selectwindow TAB=2 don’t work when you have 1tab in one window and 1 in other window. seems the program can’t identify correctly the number of the tab if it is into a different window.
I need to create a dashboard with 2 windows shows at se same time , an with looped macro, refresh one at a time

I am not sure if you can work with 2 windows with 1 macro at same time.