Supported browser


I’m looking for the RPA tools.
The UI.Vision is very interested but I have checked this it works with Chrome/Firefox and Ms. Edge.
May I check with you that also work with IE/Opera/Safari too? I was checked in the browser extension market but can’t find it.


These browser can be automated via the RPA desktop automation feature.

i try install the desktop version
Then run UI.Vision in chrome and change the vision to desktop mode but it still not able to run in IE.
I have my own script which works fine in chrome, but no idea how to run in IE
I have to go to your link but still confused, can you please advise by step?
my scrip look like this


You can not use the Selenium IDE WEB commands with IE or Safari, but you can use the Selenium IDE Non-WEB commands such as “store” or “forEach”. Most of the automation itself will be done with the visual UI testing commands XClick and XType.

Here is how this will change your macro: