Suite vs Folders concept clarification for Kantu 5.0.1

I’ve updated to 5.0.1.

  1. Now all my suites disappeared. I’ve re-imported them from backup.
    Q1: This will happen every time? I’ll need to recover Test Suites manually for backward compatibility?

  2. Info is telling “Suites” tab is deprecated.
    Q2: Does it mean that suites tab and functionality will be abandoned soon? I was basing on Suites and re-using of testcases =(

  3. Folders look good for macros categorization, but it’s told suites are deprecated, than…
    Q3: how to re-use testcases(macros) in several suites(folders) in new concept?

Thanks in advance for answers.

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1,2,3 Why don’t you copy your macros as many times into folder you want to use as suites? Folders are new suites as written on what’s new page.

  1. “Suites disappeared”. Ouch. That sounds like a bug and was not planned this way. It did not happen during our upgrade tests. We will re-test this asap.

  2. Old-style test suites will not get any new feature, but we have no plans to remove them for now.

  3. Yeah, you found the weak spot of the new “folders as testsuites” concept immediately :wink: => But there is a good solution:

First you could of course copy the macros. But since this would create a mess with many similar macros we do not recommended it. Instead we suggest to use the RUN command:

With the RUN command, there are two options on how to use it:

  • Add RUN to existing macros

  • Use RUN to make “shortcut macros” that can be easily moved and copied.

So such a shortcut macro consists of only one command:

RUN | /reuse/logins/gmail/user1.

The great advantage is that these shortcut macros can be easily copied into every test suite folder where you need them, but there is still only one macro to maintain. This concept is very similar to the shortcuts that Windows has.

What’s that?
Is there a way to use macros from other folder?

Yes. And there are two ways to specify the location. Absolute and relative.

  • RUN | /reuse/logins/gmail/user1 => Path from root folder (top folder)

  • RUN | gmail/user1 (no / at the start!) => Relative path from current folder of the macro

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because this will crap things out - if something changes - go and search all the clones? No, thanks, i rather reuse one case everywhere and change in one place.

For me it works partly now =( Before update it was working fine.
Now i receive an error for RUN macro, that had “+” symbol in name before the update. I changed name but now it doesn’t help.

Before update it was working fine.

We fixed file name rules. Before the update +: were allowed, now they are replaced by “_”. This change was to make the file name rules in HTML5 storage and on hard drive consistent.

So if you rename the original file to something without “+” it should work.

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What is root? Kantu? macro folder? I tried several times to no avail.
Relative… How to reach to parent from child folder?

@admin MB you can add a dropdown menu when run command is selected? So we can choose a macro to run? Like when you select an element. But later you can edit the input.


I would do that with joy, but it behaves in other way, and not convenient to check what step it failed.
Main inconvenience - not possible to re-launch step on fail. So i use it only for reliable testcases and to loop suites.
Secondary inconvenience - easier and faster to choose a steps by dropdown and launch new test.

And yes, i aggree with commensal, that it would be great to support dropdown there, or maybe even search by testcases names =) Sorry, dreaming =)

I used absolute in this case:

And thanks to Admin for clarifications, now it works!
(sorry for offtop)

Does not work for me ((

@commensal => Ah, it seems you are using hard drive mode! I will re-test this ASAP.

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@admin seems testsuites are erased on demo-cases update.
I got flushed them another time, cause first time some demo macros didn’t update and now it re-updated. Maybe this is a hint.

@dukuu Erased Testsuites: Thanks for this useful hint!

Main inconvenience - not possible to re-launch step on fail.

Hmm, why not? You can right-click any macro and select “Test suite: Run from here”

Secondary inconvenience - easier and faster to choose a steps by dropdown and launch new test

Agree. I like the idea with file name drop down and added it to todo.

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we were discussing about RUN inside a macro (or i didn’t get the point?)
In Run-specific macro i’ll have testcases from different folders, so “run from here” won’t work. Launch each macro one-by-one?
And second moment - in folders items are strictly alphabetic order, so to launch something in specific order - i need to rename the folder’s items in specific order. Do you see the point? I was so happy when suites appeared, as they let me start using kantu in better way - it became reusable for testcases(macros) and also no more renaming and copying needed with suites.
So for debugging and usability - testsuites are the best solution for me in kantu for now.
Very happy that Kantu is evolving so fast! And kindly hope it will keep it’s vital features :wink:

I am having the same issue. I am using hard drive mode and have moved macros into categorized folders but cannot get the Run command to play them. I have tried both absolute and relative methods to target them.

I confirmed the RUN problem in hard drive mode (issue #577). It will be fixed ASAP (this week).