Suggestion: share scripts w/ the community

Hey guys,

I’m a front-end/Javascript developer and I’ve been using Kantu for a while now to automate tasks for both my personal life and work. I am honestly impressed how good and straight forward it is.

I have scripts that may be very useful for other people (like one to post message + picture/video on multiple Facebook groups from a CSV list) and I’m sure many people in here have built useful stuff that can be shared too.

Is there somewhere specifically where we can share our scripts like the tampermonkey community has? If not, is it something you consider doing?



This would be useful! Maybe copying and pasting them here in the forum would be a good first start.

Or we share them as links to Github gists: =>

(Most of my own scripts are unfortunately not of general interest, as they automate tasks in our internal systems, Salesforce and G Suite)

Hi! I would really need the Facebook group auto-post script … Can you please share it with me ? Thank you!