Suggestion: Setting the Screen size of the browser window (Height & Width)

This is a suggestion and one that many people in the past have wanted with the original Selenium, to be able to set the screen size of the browser to aid responsive testing e.g. desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile

If it can be set to customise the browser window to fit the view frame of a device that would help with QA & Testing, coupled with the screenshot feature and Visual find it would be of great use.

It could be either two commands e.g. window_height: 905 \ window_width: 450, or one command like browser_window 905@450.

Hope this is useful.

Good news: This command (probably called Resize) is already on our todo list for the next update :smiley:

As you mentioned, we also think that this command will be very useful for the visionFind and for testing responsive layouts in general.

That’s great news, thank you for replying.

The resize command is here :smile: