Suggestion in how to see macro dependencies in a tree or diagram way?

Hi all,

I have a main macro that calls other macros (let say level 1 macro). Then the “level 1” macros could call one or more “level 2” macros from “sub” folder that act as functions in other languages.

Since there are several macros, is there a way to take the main folder that contains main, level1 and level2 macros (the Testsuite) and show the dependencies of each macro? I mean, see the testsuite like a tree or diagram showing which macro calls another macro(s).

PS: Could be great if when we are over a “run /sub/macro” line, we have the option of doing double click or press some contextual button to go in a fast and easy way to that macro’s code without searching manually.


We have no tool that creates such a tree diagram yet. But of course, since the macro source code is standard json, it is possible to create such a tool.

That is a very good suggestion! → I added it to our todo list.

Thanks @admin for your fast answer. I’ll search for a way based in json format to build a tree like view. Regards