Suggest to add new command to edit, delete lines of csv in macro code like other software automation

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I recommend adding in ui vision functions to edit csv files via command line because those who automate need these commands, other programs to automate type Zennoposter allow you to edit csv files, add rows, delete rows, edit rows directly from macro code automatically, instead ui vision does not allow any editing of csv files automatically and this makes it difficult to automate, as csv files must be edited manually and this does not allow allows for complete automation.

Zennoposter another famous automation software has full automatic management of csv files so that you can automate 100% and think about the macro to update the csv (adding, removing, editing rows), with ui vision is only possible add new rows to the csv but you can’t edit or delete them and it’s a serious shortcoming in my opinion.

Have you thought about adding commands to edit, delete the rows of the csv to have full management of automations ?

Hi, thanks for the suggestion. For our understanding, can you describe a use case where adding/removing (etc) lines in a CSV is useful?

Hi @admin

Thanks for reply.

When you automate in some case you need to edit a colums or add the data or edited the data already saved.

For example remove the lines of the csv already used (in case of creation of accounts)

Or add an indication in a column (login execute, macro failed, other indication)

Or update a data already saved in the csv (example if you have a csv of data you can indicate the new changed data or add last check on date)

Zennoposter is a famous software to automate and have a complete menagement of csv and more command to update database via command line to have always csv updated.

It would be very convenient to be able to write in the csv instead of opening it manually and editing it manually.

May I suggest using XRun. Combining a macro with a script would give you unlimited customization and capabilities.

With xrun you can execute a batch file but it’s hard to menage a csv in this mode because you must have a large amount of batch file for every csv and line.

Second problem is batch file work only in windows, will be better a native command in ui vision to edir csv compatible with all Operative System (windows, linux. mac).

I agree, batch files are limited. Are you familiar w/ PowerShell? You can work directly w/ your CSV and now with PowerShell Core it’s going cross platform.

Maybe a work-around until there’s something native in the future.

It’s complicate menage csv with external software.

Other automation software like Zennoposter have integrated a completed menagement of csv and read xls and xlsx to, you can edit every datasource with the macro.

Macro start, after update datasources directly with zennoposter project automatically.

Using external software it’s incompatible with all OS, need a solution compatible with all ui vision version (windows, linux, mac).