Strange problem

The problem is strange not only because i can not explain.But because starts to happen now very often , while already i have use the same macro and the same version of ui vision for many days without problems and for longer period of run .
Bu there is something more.Happens after around 1 hour, while already have execute the command without problem.And happens not only to one button or one command.Happens rapidly to buttons and commands of “verifyelementpresent” when problem start to happen! .
But also there is more.I have set a long period (30000 seconds ) on settings so the application should wait 30000 seconds (a huge period since you dont have the option to stop it) if this problem happen so to not go to the next step .But the error ignores the setting, and proceeding to the next steps ! On this problem , application can not click to a button , gives this message and proceeding to next step.
If someone can help please will appreciate .
Version 8.1.23
ipcPromise: onAsk timeout 3000 for cmd “PANEL_CALL_PLAY_TAB”, args {“ipcTimeout”:100,“ipcNoLaterThan”:3341389878114,“payload”:{“command”:“SET_STATUS”,“args”:{“status”:“PLAYING”}}}
[Line 180]: ipcPromise: onAsk timeout 3000 for cmd “PANEL_CALL_PLAY_TAB”, args {“ipcTimeout”:100,“ipcNoLaterThan”:3341389805634,“payload”:{“command”:“SET_STATUS”,“args”:{“status”:“PLAYING”}}}

I disabled sandbox to all commands .I will test and i tell results.