Strange Kantu Errors

Here are some strange Kantu errors I have run into recently. It is aggravating to have to stop my work to report these problem bugs. I am not the QA department and I resent passing this off as a working product when it has so many FATAL problems (like those I am documenting here). Kantu’s failure are VERY frustrating.

I don’t know HTML, Selenium, Javascript, JSON or Python but I know how to create a workable script and I’m at the point where I want my money back because this product is NOT working as advertised and I cannot get the TS help to resolve the problem that is the reason I got this product in the first place.

Now that my rant is done here are my errors. :slight_smile:



[info] Executing: | waitForVisible | xpath=//*[@id="htmlgame_frame_div"]/div/div/div/div/div[2]/form/fieldset/button | |
[error][ignored] lost heart beat when running command

token expired

[info]Executing: | run | PCHCycleGame2 | |
[error][ignored] empty stack

[error] Can’t find monitor target with id '1559929261993.542d59’

These errors have appeared while running my macros. They range in length from 1 to several hundred lines and call each other. The one I run the most has 19 lines and calls 5 other macros (11 lines each), which call a 3rd macro (32 lines) that calls 3 other macros (about 20 lines each). I separated them down like this to isolate functions and try to stop the hanging, expired token and other errors. It hasn’t worked.

You think you people in Tech Support can assign numbers to the error messages so we users can check for specific errors with the ON ERROR command?

Hi, do you have a test macro for us? We are working on the “lost heartbeat” issue, but the “empty stack” issue is new.

Sorry its taken so long to respond, I don’t use the forum on a regular basis. But to answer your question, I can give you copies of all the macros but they run under my id at ***.com. As far as I know you have to be in the USA. You were unable to access the link I sent that led to the Canvas items I bought this product to handle and am still having trouble with (Kantu canvas processing will NOT click my image)… Nonetheless, if you do not publish the info on the forum or elsewhere, I will provide the info so you can sign into my account at ***.com, and then run the macros.

Thanks. You can email the info directly to team @