Storing and Operating on a Numeric Value

Hello! How can I store an integer value from the screen (not an image, it can be copied), do mathematical operations on this value, and then type this value into the UI?

I would really appreciate some advice or an example. This would be extremely helpful as a new user. Have a great day!

Add details, your request is not well explained.

Add image, screencast, example to allow we to better understand what you mean

Hello, thanks for the response. I was able to find out how to store and reuse a value with “storeValue”. I just cant find out how modify the stored value.

“Command”: “storeValue”
“Target”: "xpath=
“Value”: “A”

“Command”: “type”
“Target”: "xpath=
“Value”: “${A}”

From the example above I want to operate on “A” before I type it (ie. so that if the initial value of A is 5, then I can add 10 to it and then type 15).

There is a better solution, store your value in a variable STORE | 5 | A

And with executeScript_Sandbox you can edit the value and update in same variable

  "Command": "executeScript_Sandbox",
  "Target": "return Number (${A}) + 2",
  "Value": "A"

This will be 7 (5 + 2)

Maybe this helps: !RUNTIME -- Is it measured in Seconds or Minutes?

=> use parseFloat and parseInt to convert RPA variables (= strings!!!) to float or integer for comparisons.