storeText with "plain text"


I’m trying to use “storeText” to get some text not in an html tag but it’s not working.
If I try to read text into a tag, everything is fine.

website :
You have to click on one icon to show the div

xpath that work : //*[@id="map"]/div[1]/div[6]/div/div[1]/div/strong[2]
xpath returning only “s” : //*[@id="map"]/div[1]/div[6]/div/div[1]/div
xpath returning “e is undefined” : //*[@id="map"]/div[1]/div[6]/div/div[1]/div/text()

html :
<div class="leaflet-popup-content" style="width: 232px;"> <strong>Pókestop Name:</strong> Queens College Campus <br> <br> <strong>Quest:</strong> Hatch 5 Eggs <br> <br> <strong>Reward:</strong> 3 Rare Candies <br> <a href=",-73.819894">Maps</a></div>

How can I get the text not in a tag?


Sorry , you can delete my message,
sourceSearch is working.