Storetext values of row from a table searching some criteria

Hi @Plankton @Timo @thecoder2012 @ulrich

I’m seaching a solution to store all column from a table is the macro find a value inside a column

I find an example in the forum from @ulrich

But it seem to click incorrect row because it search in first column value 500,000, it find it but after click link of 1,000,000 and not link of 500,000.

In this page the same of @ulrich example i want to store all value in line with value 10,000 in first column what I can create this code ?


If first column contains 10,000 extract all values of this line itherwise do not extract nothing.

Thanks for help

The solution from here should work, or?

Thanks for your code i solved my question

With this command i can check every value in a table and store only interested values

          "Command": "if_v2",
          "Target": "${c7}.length > 1",
          "Value": ""