Store | true | !errorIgnore -> case still highlighted red as failed

I see the following issue:

If i do
Store | true | !errorIgnore
and has a failed check, than my testcase is marked red as it failed.
As far as i remember, not long time ago, it would be green|passed when i use errorignore=true.

This is old test suite do not use is deprecated, use new test suite in folder

Ahhh…they now have different logic =( Very sadly.
yes, in folder view cases not marked red.

I don’t use folder, because it doesn’t allow to mix order of cases inside a folder.
Actually i started using Kanu only after it added test-suites. Suits enhanced drammatically this instrument.
Now one can use the RUN command inside one testcase, so it’s possible to gather needed sequency of cases. But it’s still more convenient to use suits - more representative results, easier to check failed cases, easy to change case inside suite, debugging is easier overall. RUN-command macro(used as suite) sometimes don’t return from runned macro back to macro-as-suite to continue with next RUN. And additionally it’s not handy to search for failed cases: need to check folders with cases to open the failed case.
So i think i am not the only one who still uses suits instead of folders. Very very sad suits are deprecated.
Thanks for answer though.

Interesting. You can re-order the run-order by renaming the macros. Does this not work for you?

And additionally it’s not handy to search for failed cases: need to check folders with cases to open the failed case.

The new “Log to hard-drive” feature might help for this. Log files (as shown in the log tab) are written to hard-drive. It is one file per UI.Vision start. The format is “log-day-time.txt”.

Shurely that works! But it forces me to duplicate cases to different folders with different names. I don’t like it.
I use suits this way:
i have folders, where cases related to different parts of system located.These cases are doing something only on one page.
i have suits, that use cases from different system parts so they perform needed test end-to-end.
So after testrun i see something like this in folders:

But talking about suits: i see steps fallen in Suits view.
I just click on fallen case and see the step where it felt. Easy and convenient!
And pay attention: first and last cases are the same in neigbour suits. I re-use same case in all suits, and save time on searching duplicated cases and updating them - i just update 1 case, and it recovers all other suits\scenarios for me.

I inderstand that maybe others use Kantu in other way, but i do this way, and this is why i like it =)

My solution for this is to use “Shortcut macros”. These are macro that contain nothing but a “link” to another macro, just like Window shortcuts:

run | sub/fill_user_a

Now, I can copy these shortcut macros and place them wherever I need them in my folder testsuite. This is not as convenient as just selecting existing macros from an existing dropdown (as in the old testsuites) but works well.

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Interesting feedback! => We will add this behavior to the “folder testsuite” system, along with some other improvements in the error messages. For example, the error message needs to mention the line number. And if the error happens in a subroutine, it should list that too.

if log would lead to the step - that would be even better =)

if log would lead to the step - that would be even better =)

What do you mean with this? A link in the log that goes to the “error” macro and opens it?

Yes, if that’s possible to jump from log, to case&step where it faild - that is very nice improvement idea =)

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