Store the date of my posts knowing my username in the forum xpath following-sibling axes

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Hi to all

From long time I search a solution to recognize element near other elements, after long researches I found some special xpath to do this it are xpath axes

I want to store my date post knowing my username in the forum how i can create a correct xpath to do this ?

Seems a simple scrape but I have not a fixed part to recognize the dates to store, I know my username, after i must store the date post.

Any suggestion please ?

I want to know these special xpath to detect element near others element

I added image


Does no one in the forum know how to carry out such a command?

It is a command with data extraction based on an anchor, ui vision can carry out this type of automation ?

Is it technically possible to create a macro code with ui vision for this work ?


What about


or relative xpath


This not solve the problem becase can not detect post of my username, this is a generic xpath

I need a solution to select post only of my username i can not know post number or id

I need before search my username, if i find my username i continue to store post date of my post.

After i search and found my username i need to store the post date, if the username is not correct do not store the post date.

On imacros i can create a macro using xpath R (relative to anchor in my case is username) in ui vision i do not find a solution.

Hmmm maybe something along the lines of:


is true then store the value of

and then loop through post1, post2, etc

Yes i need a solution like PsuedoCode

I think must use this

following-sibling Selects all siblings after the current node

But i can not know this xpath type

You should be able to do this just using a bunch of if conditionals but I checked my selector finder ChroPath and I don’t see anything about xpath axes. Maybe you can make a feature request with them

Here there are some examples nut it’s hard to use this type of xpath.

This is really a tricky challenge. On other websites “sourceExtract” plus some Regex can work, but on modern websites like this “Discourse” forum, the page source code is a mess full of Javascript.

If I had to do it, I would go for relative extraction and screen scraping (OCRExtractRelative command).

However, if anyone has an XPath solution I would be interested in this, too :wink:

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With OCRExtractRelative how you solve ?

You create image of username but date time change always how can detect time that change periodically ?

With green and pink box can be solved ?

It’s very strange that ui vision have not a XpathExtractRelative, imacros have this and working well but ui vision not have a similar command.

ANy suggestion will be appreciated

I solved this hard work with following xpath after long tests and researches.

following xpath allow to store element relative others elements.

This is the xpath combination


Need to study following and sibling to create similar xpaths but are very useful for storing in dynamic page