Store macro in folder!


Pls can you make the possibilities to store macros in folder? i have hundreds of macros… is not possibile to works in this chaos!!


Folder support is on our todo list. What we have already now is the search box, it helps a lot condensing a long macro list to something manageable:


It doesn’t help… how can i keep in mind the name of scripts that i don’t use form many time? Not possibile.
If you store script in personal windows folders what is there more easy than replace script folder inside Kantu… if Kantu can use folder it will work 100 times better than “imacros”. And could be a real alternative.

Is there an ETA of folder system?

Sorry, no fixed ETA yet… but I am confident we get to it soon :slight_smile:

@dixdylan You probably know that folder support is now available since v5.01. Posting this in case others find this thread