Store | false | !errorIgnore - not working

store | false | !errorIgnore - not working

It works in our tests. See for example the “DemoIfElse” macro.

Do you have a test macro where it does not work?

I agree that I don’t think this is working unless my understanding of what it is supposed to do is wrong.
I have tests where I store|false|!errorignore and then when I get an error the test continues to play. And in the log it says…
[error][ignored] description of the error

Even on the “DemoIfElse” macro…when it is set to true I get the following in the log…
[error][ignored] timeout reached when looking for element ‘//input[@id=‘sometext-WRONG-ID-TEST’]’
…but after the !errorignore is set to false the log still says…
[error][ignored] timeout reached when looking for element ‘id=sometextXXXXX’
…and the test continues to the end.

The macro has several different error ignore examples. I guess you changed one and then looked at another one. If I change !errorignore from true to false the macro stops:

Well it still doesn’t work for me in real life. I can’t really send you the specific example because it is complicated but the only real difference is that it is a test that has multiple embedded tests using the Run command. Could that have something to do with it? I even put a step at the top of each Macro embedded to store false for !ErrorIgnore and it is still playing through any errors that occur with the message in the log [error][ignored] Error text…

Any thoughts or ways I can help document the issue?

As a first test, can you please check if it still happens in this beta version?