Statusok not changing value


I scroll down the page until I find the field I want with the name I want. Works fine. Statusok stays at false.

After the last click that succeeds and opens the new page the value of !statusok does not change to true. Why is that?

I realised that it is probably better to use verifyelement here but still would be interesting to know why statusok does not change value

There is more efficient and beter solutions to scroll page, simple use mouseover on footer and it scroll, very easy to do

Scrolling has been a big headache for me. Can you elaborate? Example?

  • Important: The value of !statusOK does not change back to “true” once it is false!!! You need to manually reset it with store | true | !statusOK (this is by design)

  • The value of !lastcommandOK does change back to “true” after each successful command (including commands like ECHO, so after truly any command)

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