Start Macros via Azure

We are trying to automatically trigger our macros in our Azure Dev Ops (ADO) pipeline. We have added a command line to trigger this automation but the script is failing in ADO.

Here is what we are using:
.\chrome.exe “file:///C:/S_POC/UIVision/”

We downloaded the and opened the html with the macro name to trigger the test execution. It works if I directly try this command from PowerShell but that script is not executing from ADO.

Any thoughts or others using UI Vision with Azure that have had success?

The command line itself looks good. If you run with ADO, under what user is it running? It has to be a regular user (e. g. the one you log in with) and not some kind of restricted system account.

I think the task scheduler information might help. It is different software and OS, but the overall concept is the same => you need to run it with a regular user account to have all the right permissions.