Specified native messaging host not found on captureEntirePageScreenshot


I am receiving this error message when trying to run the captureEntirePageScreenshot command. Line 34: Specified native messaging host not found.

I have Xmodules Installed (v1.0.12) and pointed to the correct Home Folder /Users/leo/_proj/kantu-uivision.

I updated the source:

“Command”: “captureEntirePageScreenshot”,
“Target”: “/Users/leo/_proj/kantu-uivision/images/sv-clear-cr39-standard-ar-provide-it-later”,
“Value”: “”

and I used the path screenshots but still throws the same error.

Thank you

On the Settings > XModule tab, does it show all 3 XModules as installed?


I used path complete and working well

@Leo_Fisher Is this on the Mac?

What happens if you run the DemoTakeScreenshot macro? Do you see the same error?


It’s working now. What I had to do was change the extension setting “this can read and change site data” to On All Sites. Not sure if that makes entire sense as I had it set for the site exclusively. Though the URL in the script is built via Variable Stores not sure if that affects the internal behavior.

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Yep it was on mac chrome