Specific research with Regex


I tried to extract some source code information with sourceExtract from ui.vision and regex.

I know two parts of the element I want to get, like on this example :

" myDearCheckbox" and my id “12345”. But between them, there is another text that I don’t know yet.

There is the element I want to get :

<input id="26834#26833" type="checkbox" value="26834#26833" name="myDearCheckbox#14#12345">

My code :

  "Command": "storeValue",
  "Target": "id=myId",
  "Value": "myId"
  "Command": "sourceExtract",
  "Target": "regex=\\wmyDearCheckbox\\w{myId}",
  "Value": "research"
  "Command": "echo",
  "Target": "my research : ${research}",
  "Value": ""

The final aim is to check the checkbox which correspond to “myDearCheckbox” and “12345”. All I know is 2 strings into the name of the input checkbox.

I tried with regex but I don’t know how to do if I have 2 values known and the middle of them unkown…
Did you know how to do this please ?

Thanks in advanced

Add more details and screenshot because i do not understand your request,

There are other solution to extract text like split or replace but you need to tell well what value you need to extract and what value you know.

Add more details and example please.