Special Local OCR Bundle

Hi admin,

I sent a message via the contact us form on ui.vision but have not hear back from anyone. So i just repeat my questions here.

"I will be getting one of the enterprise license soon but contemplating if I should get the local OCR bundle or just the player bundle?

Can you email me the hardware requirements and installation docs? In additional can you include any documentation on how the Enterprise license users or players make calls to the local OCR server? Just want to sure I understand how to deploy the server correctly."

Please reply as soon via email or just post here so that others with similar questions can get the answer when they search the forum


Hi, thanks for posting in the RPA forum! I replied to you by direct mail yesterday. For the benefit of other readers, I will post the answer here, too:

(1) Local OCR Server system requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 2016 Server (any Edition), Windows 2019 Server (any Edition), Windows 2022 Server (any Edition), Windows 10, Windows 11.

  • Minimum server hardware: 50 GB of free drive space, 4GB of memory, one CPU core (two recommended)

  • Virtualized Hardware: Fully supported! => You can run the OCR server on virtual machines like VMware/VirtualBox/Hyper-V or cloud environments like Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure.

A detailed installation document is available. Plus, if needed, our tech support can do the setup at no additional cost.

(2) How to use the RPA software with local OCR:

This is easy. Just enter the local URL of your OCR server into UI.Vision. Of course, you only need to run one OCR server for all the RPA installations in your company, regardless if they run on Windows, Mac or Linux. All robots can connect to the same OCR.